If you want to escape to an island in the tropics with
some of the greenest scenery on earth, escape to Kauai.

Copyright 2004 Loretta White - The island of Kauai.
Ah.. Kauai.. Vacation in lush tropical scenery on the island of Kauai, nicknamed the "Garden Island" in the islands of Hawaii. Kauai gets so much rain that this may be the greenest place you ever visit. If you want to escape to an island in the tropics with some of the greenest scenery on earth, escape to Kauai. Vacation on Kauai the only island in Hawaii with a navigable river and the oldest of the main islands in the chain of islands. Backpackers love Kauai and it is not uncommon to encounter hikers on your Kauai vacation who have hiked in Nepal or other world-renowned destinations. Kauai's North Shore is rugged and wet, while the southern and western regions of Kauai are dry and sunny with miles of white sandy beaches. Stroll on the beach, enjoy water sports or spend some time relaxing while listing to the sound of the ocean. The average coastal temperatures in Kauai are 70 degrees F in February and 77 degrees F in August.

Places Of Interest:
  • Waimea Canyon
    The Grand Canyon of Hawaii.
  • Na Pali Coast
    The Majestic Hawaiian Cliffs.
  • Wailua River
    The only navigable river in Hawaii.
  • Wailua Falls
    80ft twin waterfall, N. of Lihue.
  • Poipu Beach
    Kauai's best golden sand beach.
  • Polihale State Park
    Miles of Kauai vacation beach.

Wailua Falls
Wailua Falls, 80 ft waterfall N. of Lihue on Kauai. Vacation dream. Photo by Ann J. Nice shot of a spectacular waterfall on Kauai.

View from Tunnels Beach while on vacation in Kauai
Photo by John M. View from Tunnels Beach, Kauai.

Green Sea Turtle: This photo was taken while on vacation in Oahu not Kauai, however these superb rare sea creatures live in all the islands of Hawaii including Kauai. They will usually stay in shallow coastal waters near the shoreline on Kauai.
Sea Turtle
Vacation Photo by Chris L. Spending some time diving with a Hawai'ian Green Sea Turtle or honu, admiring this rare creature from a distance. Enjoy your vacation in Hawaii on the Garden Island Kauai.
Kauai Highlights:
  • Trekking
    Trek along the Na Pali Coast.
  • Stargazing
    Atop Waimea Canyon.
  • Hawaii Kayaking
    Kayak on Wailua River in Kauai.
  • Sun Bathing
    Poipu Beach, South Kauai.
  • Bird Watching
    Kilauea Point, see rare seabirds.
  • Swimming
    Hanalei Bay, North Coast.

Beautiful Waterfall, by Jenny W.
Beautiful Waterfall, Reminiscent of Kauai. By Jenny W. photographer and Web designer of Hon., Hawaii, United States.

Places Of Interest & Kauai Highlights.
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